Bleaching is a simple treatment and is performed on teeth that is healthy but have colour problems. It is possible to reach 2 tonnes lighter colour of the original tooth colour with this treatment. It is a type of treatment that is cheap, practical, and fast.

How does an unwanted spot form on our teeth?
Well, there can be a lot of reasons for these spots to form. The most common reasons are: having dark original tooth colour, aging, consuming materials that leave stain on your tooth (coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes, etc.), having traumas, old prosthesis, crowning, and fillings. Using antibiotics (tetracycline) or consuming too much florit during early stages of teeth’s forming will also cause colouring on teeth.

What is Bleaching and how is it done?
This process is done with coating teeth’s gum (gingival) with protector. Then, applying bleaching medicine to be placed on top of the teeth. Later, white coloured light source is applied on the teeth. Total 3 sessions per 20 minutes usually gives good and desired results. This treatment uses different bleaching medicine that is higher in quality than all the other commercialized products on TV and markets.

How long is the process?
Usually, patient will see immediate results right after the first session. However, patient will need 3 sessions (3 days) to reach the ideal whitening look.

Who can get Bleaching treatment?
This treatment is for everyone. However, there are some rare circumstances that this process will not be effective. This will be determined during first consultation.

Is it Reliable?
Yes! According to previous research, when teeth’s whitening is done professionally under the supervision of your dentist, the results are very reliable and trustworthy. Teeth will not get damaged.

Do teeth go back to original colour after bleaching process?
Your teeth will always be whiter than the previous colour. However, patient may need 1 session in 2 years depending on patient’s habits and mouth maintenance to consolidate treatment.

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