Classic Porcelain with Metallic Support

This process is applied when there is a need for adjustment on loss tooth or deformed aesthetic of the tooth. To prepare the classic porcelain coating, first porcelain needs to be baked in the oven, then put onto the metallic substructure. (chromnickel, metal withouth nickel, gold, titanium, gold paladium).

Area of Usage:

  • To give the aesthetic back of worned out or roten teeth due to various reasons.
  • To complete the missing tooth area caused by tooth extraction or loss of tooth due to external reasons.

Mode of Administration:

First, tooth surface is dimished by using the millig cutter. Then, after this preparation, measurements are taken and sent to the technician. Later during 2nd session, fitting of the previously prepared metal substructure is taken. During 3rd session, fitting of the porcelain coated metals are checked. Finally, during 4th session teeth are pasted/glued to the patient.

Especially long bridge applications and back group teeth adjusments still use classic porcelain method.

 Below you can see the worned out teeth before and after the classic porcelain pasted on these teeth.