Root Treatment

Tooth decays that are not treated on time progresses and microorganisms infect the pulp cavity which includes blood vessels and nerves. In these cases tooth loses its vitality, blood circulation of the area disrupts. After disruption of the blood circulation pulp cavity becomes vulnerable and inflammation occurs. If not treated inflammation turns into gangrene. Inflammation is threat to general body health (heart, kidneys) because focal infection becomes the source of spreading germs all over the body. It can cause major damages to people with immune deficiency.

Deterioration and inflammation of the pulp cavity can be caused by trauma too. Trauma disrupts the blood circulation in the root therefore inflammation occurs. In these cases tooth loses its thermal sensation first (unable to sense cold). During inflammation it becomes sensitive to hot. Antibiotics are temporary solution, reduces the inflammation, but because the problem goes on tooth loses its color, demolition in the root progresses, after a while it harms the other teeth.

Whatever the reason, teeth causes pain like these must be treated. Medication is temporary solution but as time goes by success of the treatment and chance of saving the teeth decreases.

Root canal treatment is based on taking out the infected parts of the pulp and cleaning the rest with mechanical and chemical agents. After, stuffing this cavity with tissue friendly supplements.

1-What is root canal treatment with computer based tools?

 Nowadays, root canal treatment is performed with modern tools instead of classic methods.

a- Rasps used in these tools performs cleaning perfectly and precisely. More effective then hand made rasping.

b- Tool is computer based and senses the jam in the root and warns the clinician against breakage of the rasp.

c- Rasps have titanium compound which allows 180 degrees bending, therefore curved roots can be cleaned easily. Reduces the time and number of sessions.

d- Through its apex locator feature it senses the tip of the root and warns the clinician, therefore prevents the lack of stuffing or overstuffing the cavity which causes the unsuccessful treatment.

2- Does root canal treatment gives you pain?

With effective anesthesia and proper pre and after treatment medication treatment is painless. Some patients say especially during second session they suffer a lot of pain. Cause of this is not fully cleaned nerves during first session. Because of the inflammation on tip of the root anesthesia can’t be effective and patient suffers pain. Effective cleaning during first session is not going to allow that, and this is only possible with new computer based tools.

3-How long is the root canal treatment, how many sessions needed?

 In early diagnosed patients it usually is one session, but if the infection is advanced second and third sessions are needed. Between these sessions germ killer chemical agents are put inside the root canal (it needs to stay for some time).

4- Is root canal treatment 100% effective?

 If the patient doesn’t have any illness that affects the immune system, if the root canal treatment made properly, success is guaranteed. But after 6 months control examination must be performed by the clinician to check whether the treatment is successful, because failed treatment may not reveal itself as pain etc. In some cases after many years tooth cause problems and failed treatments reveal itself.

5- Does unsuccessful root canal treatment cause the extraction of the tooth?

No, with this new equipment’s most of the root canal treatments can be renewed.

6- My root canal treated tooth hurts during long flights, why?

During your treatment if pulp cavity is not stuffed properly, the difference in air pressure at high altitudes can cause pain by pressing the root canal. Your treatment must be renewed.