Aesthetic Dentistry

  • Are you satisfy with your smile?
  • Do you feel like you have to hide your teeth when you smile?
  • Are you comfortable with your teeth’s look or color?

Don’t worry, it is now easy to have a great smile with developing technology.

To have a great smile is very important. For instance, a smile can reflect person’s sincerity and can open doors during job interviews or meetings. It can even trigger love in first sight. Because every smile has a meaning.

It is now simple to fix your smile. If the only problem with your teeth’s aesthetics is the color, then this could be fixed by a simple teeth whitenning process. Your smile could easily be glamorous with painless and simple techniques. If your teeth also have structural aesthetic problems, then this could be fixed by an extraordinary technique called lamina porcelain. This method will allow us to reshape your teeth and recreate your smile.

Nowadays mouth aesthetics and teeth’s appearance gain more importance than ever before. For instance, people’s teeth color and shape have caused psychological problems. One of the most important assets of our face is our teeth aesthetics. In the recent years, dentistry improved in aesthetics and (restoratif?) elements. These improvements offered simple ways to fix teeth’s color, shape, and placement.

Teeth aesthetics can also deform with time. Aging and time will cause teeth color to darken, teeth to shorten,  lip muscles to decline, and lips to fall caused by gravity. These general damages will cause bad smile where teeth disappears and mouth structure sags. It is aesthetic dentist’s job to repair these damages. The teeth design process will be planned professionally by looking at person’s lifestyle, age, and shape of his or her face. This process will recreate a smile that will change your life forever.

Before new technological advances, aesthetis smile was provided with the use of thick porcelain pavement that had metallic infrastructure. Dentistry was forced to use this only method and try to imitate the natural look. But now with advanced technology, dentistry improved with new materials. Some of these new techniques that we use to create aesthetics are:

  • Zirconium,
  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Empress

All the methods listed above provide thin, crystalline and everlasting materials compare to those thick and classical porcelains used in the previous years. These materials offer unbeliavable results and make it possible to imitate the natural look.

Other Aesthetic Treatments

Cad-Cam Porcelain
Laminate Porcelain