Laminate Porcelain

Laminate porcelain is done without ruining the original tooth. This aesthetic process starts with smoothing the front surface of the tooth, and then previously prepared thin leaf procelain will be pasted to this smooth front surface of the tooth.

Area of Usage:

  • It brings back the aesthetic of the teeth that has been worn down, carious, or broken for any reason.
  • When chemical whitening process do not give good results, this process will make it possible for teeth to be whiter and neater.
  • It will be used to get rid of spacey tooth structure or to give wider and bigger outlook to the small teeth.

Mode of Administration:

After the smoothing process of the tooth’s surface, tooth will roughen with acid. Then later, previously prepared lanimates will be attached to the surface with the use of special chemical glue. The difference from normal crowning is that laminate veneers are only appliesd to the surface of the tooth. Therefore, the tissue loss is minimized during this process. Tooth’s natural structure is not damaged. Because there is the real tooth and not a metal behind the crown, the procedure imitates tooth’s color, form and transperancy identically. Just like how a porcelain tile does not break after sticking to the wall, laminate veneers also do not break. However, if there is an impact that is able to break a normal tooth, it will break apart with the regular tooth. Laminate porcelain supersedes tooth’s front surface enamel layer. Porcelain laminates stay stainless due to the smooth surface of the tooth compare to the original tooth. The endurance level against external sources for tooth coloring is higher than the original tooth surface when dealing with nicotine, coffee, and etc.

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