Aesthetic Dentistry

Are you satisfy with your smile? Do you feel like you have to hide your teeth when you smile? Are you comfortable with your teeth’s look or color? Don’t worry, it is now easy to have a great smile with developing technology.

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Root Treatment

Tooth decays that are not treated on time progresses and microorganisms infect the pulp cavity which includes blood vessels and nerves. In these cases tooth loses its vitality, blood circulation of the area disrupts. After disruption of the blood…

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Bleaching is a simple treatment and is performed on teeth that is healthy but have colour problems. It is possible to reach 2 tonnes lighter colour of the original tooth colour with this treatment. It is a type of treatment that is cheap, practical, and fast.

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Laminate Porcelain

Laminate porcelain is done without ruining the original tooth. This aesthetic process starts with smoothing the front surface of the tooth, and then previously prepared thin leaf procelain will be pasted to this smooth front surface of the tooth.

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Cad-Cam Porcelain

Nowadays, cad-cam porcelain is named as the latest technology in dentistry. The main difference between crown-bridge coating with classic metal support and cad-cam porcelain is the use of aluminum oxide or zirconium oxide under porcelain as a support instead of  the metal support.

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Classic Porcelain with Metallic Support

This process is applied when there is a need for adjustment on loss tooth or deformed aesthetic of the tooth. To prepare the classic porcelain coating, first porcelain needs to be baked in the oven, then put onto the metallic substructure.To give the aesthetic back…

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Composite White Filling

In recent years, dentistry have developed composite materials and bonding systems. These systems made it possible to generate more stable, aesthetic and healthy fillings. The advantages of white filling compare to old metal filling.

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Successful implant treatment depends on the ability to act like natural teeth and be in harmony with the tissue and the bone. Basic precautions can be important for that and advanced level techniques must be performed by the clinician…

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