Composite White Filling

In recent years, dentistry have developed composite materials and bonding systems. These systems made it possible to generate more stable, aesthetic and healthy fillings.
The advantages of white filling compare to old metal filling.

  • It is aesthetic. Wide range of color scale provides the exact color of the tooth.
  • Amalgam filling or metal filling hangs on mechanically and closely presses to the cavities. Therefore, dentist will have to reshape filling for the empty space after cleaning cavities. This also causes more tissue loss on the tooth. On the other side, composite stick to the surface of the tooth with special bonding agent. Therefore, only cleanning the cavity will be enough for filling. Treatment only needs minimal preparation.
  • Amalgam filling breaks and causes micro leakage  with time. However, composite hangs on healthier and includes chemicals that reduces the risk of cavities in the future.
  • Metallic filling restrict shaping. On the other side, white filling makes it easy for dentist to give shape that fits the anatomical look.